Alexandra Chang, technology writing and social media

Alexandra Chang visited my class yesterday to talk about using social media effectively. There certainly was some valuable tips; for instance, she went over how to find story ideas through following companies on LinkedIn. She was insightful and encouraging, especially when explaining how quickly Twitter followers can come and go–so be ready!

What I found more interesting, however, was our personal conversation after class. My professor pointed out to her before class that I, too, left San Francisco’s warm embrace for Ithaca’s frozen gorges. I think I started crushing on Alexandra the second I read this paragraph of that SanFran ode:

I’ve never wanted to move out of San Francisco. It’s just sort of happened. For now, I’ll just have to settle with living vicariously through you, all the while looking forward to coming back again one day.

My sentiments precisely. And, even more, she reports on technology! My first love! As with many Millennials, I grew up with a computer in my room. Sure, plenty of that time was spent playing floppy disk games (or Backyard Baseball or Starcraft, depending on the year), but the point remains: here was an accomplished journalist who knows where I’m coming from and the culture I’m used to, giving MY class a lesson. I wanted/needed to get her advice.

First, she told me that technology was the way to go. The tech boom has forced media outlets to hire tech reporters. The catch that the media outlets are facing, unfortunately, is that math-y tech-y people generally do not write well, and reporters generally despise math. So, yea. Learn to code. Second, Alexandra told me that living in San Francisco is getting expensive. I can relate; my hometown of Palo Alto is no place for light wallets. Budgeting is going to be a priority very soon.

We finished by lamenting Ithaca’s temperature and remote location. Indeed, I advised her to invest in a heat lamp. Happy blogging.


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