Hi, my name is John Brunett.

I grew up in Palo Alto, California. My love for journalism and lacrosse led me to Ithaca College. I graduated with a degree in journalism in May 2016.

I’m currently working for the Santa Rosa Metro Chamber, where I take on various roles with the Downtown Action Committee, Workforce Development and administration.

Past projects of note:

  • After college, I embarked on a 90 day road trip around the United States with the goal of writing a book, FOMO 2016, about the experience. Part One is currently available for to anyone for free. I funded FOMO 2016 on Kickstarter, and you can view parts of the journey on Facebook and my personal Instagram.
  • I helped develop, launch, and grow the Los Angeles Times’ High School Insider project as an associate producer and content manager.

When I have free time, I am usually either scouring the Internet, playing club lacrosse, or dreaming about warmer weather. The best ways to contact me are email, johnbrunettic@gmail.com, and Twitter, @3runett.


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