Hi, my name is John Brunett and I am an associate producer at Immortal Cinema International in Los Angeles. I also consult media professionals as they build their modern media profiles.

I grew up in Palo Alto, California, but my love for journalism and lacrosse led me to Ithaca College. There, I major in journalism and minor in web programming.

This past semester, I developed an idea for a trans-media web magazine at Ithaca. I partnered with Honest Charley Bodkin, a close friend of mine, and the Multimedia Journalism class at IC to create ictheskyline.com. Our first issue focused on diversity; I hope to continue growing the magazine next semester.

When I am not at work, I am usually either scouring the Internet, playing club lacrosse, or dreaming about warmer weather. The best ways to contact me are by email, jbrunet2@ithaca.edu, and by Twitter, @johnbrunettIC.

HootSuite Certified Professional

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